Oncological day clinic

Oncological day clinic

The Oncological Day Clinic is a therapy centre and treats patients who receive chemotherapy, antibody therapies or painkillers as part of a 1-day inpatient stay. Blood products, bone-strengthening drugs and other treatments are also administered and performed.

The most common diagnoses are breast and colorectal cancer. This is done under close medical and nursing supervision and control in order to guarantee the highest possible safety.


The day clinic consists of 2 large treatment rooms with 12 therapy units each.


Mission Statement of the III. Medicine:

“The patient’s claim to dignity, freedom from illness and self-confidence through care, care and science”

Ward doctors

OA.​Dr. An­drea Kap­pa­cher

E-Mail: a.​kappacher@​salk.​at

OA.Dr. Simon Gampenrieder

E-Mail: s.gampenrieder@salk.at

Ass.​Dr. Lukas Ratz­in­ger

E-Mail: l.​ratzinger@​salk.​at


Nurses day clinic

Head: Jela Prgic