The diagnosis Cancer hits many patients and also their relatives completely unprepared like a lightning bolt from the blue. From now on everything is different, all life plans and plans are questioned and threatened. Much needs to be done now. We can assist you with this within the framework of our psycho-oncological counselling/accompanying and treatment.

Psycho-oncological services

  • Psychological/psychotherapeutic counselling and treatment related to oncological disease for patients and relatives
  • Qigong in the group and in the individual setting
  • Chinese Movement Meditation in Slow, Gentle Movements in Inner Mindfulness

Allocation possibilities

  • Self-assignment by patient
  • Self-assignment by family members
  • Assignment by the treating physician
  • Allocation by nursing staff

If you are not sure whether you want to use psycho-oncological treatment, please contact us for an initial consultation, in which we can structure the problem for the time being and then agree on the next steps together.

“Mental care for patients with tumour diseases is an integral part of modern health systems. The holistic care of these patients in their bio-psycho-social dimension is increasingly emphasized internationally today. ” ÖPPO)

Team psycho-oncology

Mag. Wendt­ner Franz

E-Mail: f.​wendtner@​salk.​at

Mag. Gerda Dobesberger


Mag. Doris Pöll­hu­ber

E-Mail: d.​poellhu­ber@​salk.​at