Tucatinib vs placebo, both combined with capecitabine and trastuzumab, for patients with pretreated HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer with and without brain metastases (HER2CLIMB)

Murthy, R; Loi, S; Okines, A; Paplomata, E; Hamilton, E; Hurvitz, S; Lin, N; Borges, V; Abramson, VG; Anders, C; Bedard, PL; Oliveira, M; Jakobsen, E; Bachelot, T; Shachar, SS; Mueller, V; Braga, S; Duhoux, FP; Greil, R; Cameron, D; Carey, L; Curigliano, G; Gelmon, K; Hortobagyi, G; Krop, I; Loibl, S; Pegram, M; Slamon, D; Palanca-Wessels, MC; Walker, L; Feng, WT; Winer, E

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