Tumour registers

Tumor register of the federal state of Salzburg

The Tumor Register Salzburg (TRS) was established in 1983. The task of the TRS is to systematically collect and analyse data on all malignant (malignant) tumor diseases that are diagnosed or treated in the province of Salzburg.

Data collected

  • Incidence: The cancer incidence rate is one of the most important indices for the epidemiological assessment of tumour diseases. The incidence indicates the number of new cases of certain types of cancer within a certain period of time and a certain population.
  • Mortality: The mortality rate shows the proportion of the population that dies due to certain cancers within a defined period of time within a population.
  • Prevalence: In contrast to the incidence rate, the prevalence rate is used to treat patients who are already ill, as well as their course of disease, therapies, etc. , statistically recorded and evaluated.
  • Survival: The survival of patients suffering from cancer is determined by the survival rate over a certain period of time, by cancer and life circumstances. In addition, various environmental data (place of residence, occupational groups, habits of the elderly, and others) are collected, analysed and examined with regard to the influence on the cancer of those affected. The TRS currently holds data on more than 60,000 patients from the province of Salzburg, which are statistically analysed and evaluated in strict compliance with data protection and ongoing monitoring.


In addition to the ongoing support of the department’s epidemiological cancer research in various projects, the TRS regularly publishes data and facts on the development of cancer in the province of Salzburg.

Tumor register staff

Priv.Doz. OA.Dr. PhD Lukas Weiss

E-Mail: lu.weiss@salk.at

Bernhard Jaud

E-Mail: b.jaud@salk.at

Chris­ti­ne Lugau­er

E-Mail: c.lugauer@salk.at